Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

Club Penguin Membership Generator Download

Hey there! Have you ever heard of the Club Penguin Membership Generator 2013? No? Well, we can help you. A few days ago we came across a nice website which was hidden in the wide world of Google. The website presented their own Club Penguin Membership Generator 2013! We wanted to test it out for people who want to receive their Club Penguin Free Membership without any effort. That's why we downloaded it and tested it. A free Club Penguin Account has been set up. After that we downloaded the Club Penguin Membership Generator, activated the license and started to generate the Club Penguin Free Membership for us. The tool looks like this:

Conclusion: Their Club Penguin Membership Generator 2013 actually works! We were really impressed and contacted the administrator for an interview, this is what we found out:
The coders of the Club Penguin Membership Generator 2013 are very young, about 17 years old. They have coded several Hacks and Cheats before but this was their best project. They are really proud of their Club Penguin Membership Generator 2013. If you want, you can download it right by clicking on the download button right below the screenshot. You'll be redirected to the main website then where you can obtain the Club Penguin Membership Generator. All instructions are displayed on that page but we want to explain it to you as well:

1. Head on over to
2. Scroll down until you see the download button
3. Download the Generator and extract the archive.
4. Run the Club Penguin Membership Generator and activate the license. You can read in the ReadMe File how to do that. It is pretty simple
5. Enter your license key (you can get it for free)
6. Proceed, select your desired membership length
7. Click on the magic button and wait
8. You are done. Enjoy your Club Penguin free Membership!